Sunday, December 11, 2005

SnowBoarding in the Rockies


So I am back from a week long vacation where I spent some time in the snowy Rockies doing what I love most: snowboarding. I cannot even begin to explain how awesome it is to sit ontop of the white mountain. The sound of my snowboard cutting into the snow still lingers in my ear...I want to go back soo badly! I must say, however, we visited a new ski resort whose name I will keep confidential. The hardest thing about this resort is the cliff that they call a "ski lift". I can't make hand motions online, but let's just say coming off those lifts was by far the most excrutiatingly painful experience. I think my butt had blue bruises like the The smell of the icy air, the warmth of the linen candle in our cabin, and the solemnity of the winter are all things that I miss dearly.


(tears flow down my cheeks)