Monday, April 13, 2009

Letting Go

It's been a long term. 

By entering medical school, I thought I swallowed my happy sugar pill that was at the end of a long road. 

What is happiness?

As I walked from the study hall near my dormitory, my dear Lebanese friend sticks his head out from a window to taunt me like he always does about my nerdy study habits..

I'm stressed. There is so much information to learn and so little time. 

When will I be satisfied?

Life is not a long road to the sugar pill...

What is your sugar pill?

Getting a residency?

Finding a wife/husband?

Making 6 figures?

You will spend your whole life chasing after that sugar pill and realize that you never lived a happy life.

As of today, I will no longer chase sugar pills.

As of today, nothing will permanently be mine.